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SONY DSCIt’ s always been a passion of mine to write and Ten Dollar Words For Kids is intended to challenge the mind with locution, aimed at ages from 5 to 12, but teens and adults can take a few things away as well. I’ve always enjoyed drawing (“Doodle” as I’m still known to some) or merely cataloging an event just because I thought it may  one day take on some level of importance.  I have always maintained an outside of the box mentality that makes one conjure possibility,  challenges feasibility and integrates the elements of humor both direct and through innuendo.  I want Ten Dollar Words For Kids to make you  laugh, hard and loud, it’s good for the soul, it’s contagious.

My mother wrote wonderfully, with mental aesthetics, succinctness and emotion. Whenever a special  occasion arose in one of her children’s lives, she wrote.  Birthdays, a broken arm, born with no dimples (that was me), or whenever she felt compelled to make one or all of us feel better about ourselves.  She would take out the green steno pad and write a little poem or note the occurrence.  We would read it and then she tucked it away for us to find later in life.  She was charming and beautiful that way.  She also painted, but woefully took little credit for the great talent she possessed. To her, a work in progress, to those around her, an amazing display of intrinsic talent exhibited through brushstrokes of water color coalescing into nothing short of absolutely stellar results.

My father is an engineering genius so resolute that when precision instruments didn’t meet his standards, he built his own and did so out of scrap material. It makes us all laugh because we know he can do it in a heartbeat.  He looks at virtually everything in the perspective that he could make it better and often does.  A Sailor and Navy Chief, a Purple Heart recipient, a master at hiding in a closet and leaping out when you least expect it making your heart pound and your eyes bulge.  All this from a kid that delivered ice by horse drawn wagon and ate dinner at the local orphanage in lieu of being paid.

I am the product of the two aforementioned superfantastorific (just made that up) individuals as well as every single bipedal hominid whom I have met along the way.  If you are going to do something – do it right the first time, the Devil is in the details, kneel down when you talk to kids and it’s okay to fail.  It started with a simple  cartoon character when I was sixteen and evolved into something that I feel much more compelling and rewarding in the education of our children.  Ten Dollar Words For Kids is for kids to learn big and prosper!   KJK

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      1. I agree. Jack and Ernie raised some great kids and passed on a legacy of talent, intuitiveness, silliness, and all around fun and appreciation for life and those they share life with. It may seem challenging and difficult at times but keep pushing forward. If anyone can make this happen and be a success at it, Kevin, YOU can. CDN

  1. I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but from my recent experience of getting the word-out-there regarding not only my website but my first self-published novel (the tactile and tangible as opposed to the digital), proved to be an exercise in utter futility. Website went live mid-February of this year just a few days before receiving the 2500 copies of my novel, but try as I did to promote I got nowhere. Nowhere! Seems writing the novel was easy by comparison to promoting, very much so! Two articles in the local paper, visits to local markets, a local writers festival, uploading four readings to YouTube, resulted in no sales whatsoever, whereas my website resulted in one, and one only, sale online in eight months. Eight months! I wish you luck with your endeavour but be prepared for disappointment. It will however be a profound learning experience in more ways than one, a real opener if my experience is anything to go by, of which I will say nothing, because somethings are best left unsaid. Please let me know of your progress, and maybe then we’ll have common ground to tread, although I will never say ‘told you so”.
    Kind regards,
    John Hampton

    1. John,
      I appreciate your comments and got into this venture knowing full well four things could happen: it goes no where fast, it’s a one-hit wonder, it stays barely above water, takes off to unanticipated levels. I wrote out my business plan and have amended it along the way to overcome bumps in the road. You may want to look into setting up a Google+ account. There you will be able to extend your audience as with Twitter and FaceBook through circles, extended circles and groups. You can also improve your website algorithm by adding a privacy policy and terms & conditions utilizing a footer plug-in. If you know how to do SEO and LPO or know of a friend that could help you in that realm, I think you would extend your reach a bit more when searched. I have faith in my forward looking mentality and drive that success, however slight, will occur. I wish you all the best in selling your novel.

      Cheers, Kevin

  2. Congratulations Mr. Kennedy! I wish you all the success and I will definitely buy your book for me and my children. I’ll be there on the 14th.

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