Why I Did It

As of 2013, the United States is ranked 20th in reading (from 10th), 22nd in science, and 29th in mathematics with no significant upward changes notes in over a decade. Wow!

Big words are there to use, not to bypass because they’re scary or misunderstood. Everyone learns differently and my vision is to pair the rhythm of rhyme with pictorial pleasantries resulting in a rock solid foundation for cognitive skills to mature.  We learn an incredible number of words in our formidable years and it is those teachings and experiences that help to define who we are. Can you imagine a doctor visit with your child and they understand words like systemic, acute or epidermis in their evaluation as a result of reading Ten Dollar Words For Kids books?  I can!

A larger and more complex vocabulary at an early age is essential to setting our children up for success.  Success in speaking with aplomb, forming relationships and understanding mechanics and principles ~ preparing them for actual occurrences in life.  Tell me that’s wrong.  Think about the potential applications: a call to 911 and they can describe the victim’s condition, comprehension of a novel or their first job interview.  Who gets hired; the confident one or the one grabbing at straws?  How about possessing a clear understanding of who or what they are about to vote for or against?

I’m talking real-world situations where these tools can be applied and all too often we underestimate our children’s ability to learn.  I implore you to challenge their phenomenal, spectacular minds to grow and at every opportunity.  Keep a copy of Ten Dollar Words For Kids in your car, another in their backpack, one on their bedside table.  Empower them with challenge, through that, knowledge will come!

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