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Books Being Bought ~ Taco Bout it to your Friends!

Special thanks to owner and executive chef, Eric Aymer of the Get Stuffed food truck for picking up his personalized copy of Ten Dollar Words For Kids. Fantastic tacos, unbelievable burritos, sensational quesadillas and more. Made with locally grown organic ingredients, making all his delacacies sing “delicious.” Bam! Check out Eric’s culinary talent delivery locations at and bring your appetites. Did I mention that Eric caters? Eric caters.


Tis’ the season to buy Ten Dollar Words For Kids!

Just a quick note that it’s not too late to pick up a copy of TDWFK for delivery to a stocking near you.  Wouldn’t it be great to hear words like, “Mommy, the morning has been quintessential, the company gregarious, NOW may we check under the conifer to tear the paper off the presents!”  The answer is simple, yes it would.  The goal is to make them smarter.  Ho, ho, hoooo!

Thank You Barnes & Noble MacArthur Center Mall!

I’d like to offer a special belated thanks to Ashley Hicks of Barnes & Noble at TCC MacArthur Center Mall as well as thanks to the staff whom supported me in two successful book signings over the Christmas holiday resulting in a sell out. How awesome is that? I’d also like to thank all the folks who took time out of their day to stop and talk, and also walk away with a copy or two. My thanks and your support can not be overstated.  Thanks again to all!

Thank You Barnes & Noble Jax, FL!

I wanted to express my special thanks to Annetta Fortuna of Barnes & Noble Store #2683 on San Jose Blvd and all of you whom purchased my book this week. Everyone I spoke with had nothing but good things to say which is a plus for the ego.  I hope the kids at Loretto Elementary School enjoy the book that a couple of your awesome teachers went home with in effort to increase your already awesome vocabularies. Learn big!

TDWFK Takes Flight!

Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble now carry paperbacks and eBooks – righteous! Printed copies purchased through my site will be shipping once I receive them just after Thanksgiving. A note of appreciation to those of you for your exercise of patience.  What’s not worth an autographed copy?  This will be a shorter turnaround once I have an inventory cycle in place. Your patronage is forever welcomed and appreciated.