Books In The Holding Pattern

* Title  sequence and verbiage subject to change based upon my own creative license and plain old good business sense.

Ten Dollar Words For Kids – Cancer.  All those big words the doctor uses surrounding a disease we all don’t like, nor sometimes adequately understand. This project is underway in coordination with a special foundation and major hospital. I refrain from naming names until the details have been ironed out.  A portion of the proceeds will be going towards pediatric cancer research

Ten Dollar Words For Kids – The Dentist.  This periodontal professional uses different terminology that everyone should know.  Open wide and say, Orthodontist! … three times fast.

Ten Dollar Words For Kids – Aviation. This one is near and dear to my heart as this is where I spent my naval career in the greatest aircraft of all … helicopters. Fun factual big words dedicated to aircraft.

Ten Dollar Words For Kids – Animals. Know your animals in a quirky way?  These words will bring to light interesting words in the world of animals … like bovine.

Ten Dollar Words For Kids – Science.  Cool!  What the heck are elemental characteristics? You’ll know other interesting words by the end of this beauty.

Ten Dollar Words For Kids – Meteorology.  What’s an anemometer?  And other fun words tied to this branch of science.

Ten Dollar Words For Kids series books for kids will also contain content that is great for homeschoolers. Subjects in History like Ancient, Middle Ages, Early Modern and Modern are all in the “Really Big” plan. You and your kids will love it!

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